Styling a Knot Top










Hello friends! Welcome back to another blog post: this time featuring how I styled this knot top! Knot tops have been super trendy and popular because they’re really comfortable and also bring versatility to your outfit. This particular knot top really stuck out to me because of the Periwinkle color. I don’t own anything in this color so I was really happy to add it to my closet.

What I love about knot tops is that you can style the tie either in the front or the back depending on the look you’re going for! For this particular outfit, I wanted the look to emanate a sweet and soft look while also having the element of surprise from the open back. Reversing the location of the tie was a simple and easy twist from the original front-tie top. I paired the top with white ripped jeans to bring out the periwinkle and accessorized with this adorable bag I got as a gift from Thailand. Another trend I’ve been seeing is these woven straw handbags. I recommend getting one that you could wear not just over your shoulder but cross strapped on your body. The size of mine was perfect enough to carry my cards, phone, and keys.

Also, can we just appreciate how beautiful Palos Verdes is?! It wasn’t my first time visiting, but I fall in love with this place every time I come. This particular plaza had such pretty buildings and was even more beautiful since the flowers started blooming. As I walked around, I eventually stopped by Yellow Vase Cafe and ordered a matcha latte and flan. I wasn’t a big fan of the flan haha 🤷 the texture was a little weird for me. Nonetheless, I was in LOVE with the yellow theme of the cafe; there was also live music which really brightened the overall atmosphere of the place! 🎵

Anyway! I hope I provided some insight in styling knot tops. Honestly I was initially intimidated and thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off because these type of tops can be a little revealing. But I resorted to reversing the tie to the back and wearing long jeans to balance off the look. I’m looking forward to adding more knot tops to my collection and banging them out for the remainder of spring 😊. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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