Winter Wonderland in Québec


Welcome to my blog post featuring my time at Québec! Honestly, I didn’t expect to love my time in Québec as much as I did. It was literally the most captivating and beautiful city I have ever traveled to, and I desperately want to return when the weather isn’t so cold and frosty. Traveling to Québec required a 5 hour flight to Newark for a layover and then an additional flight to the actual city itself. Upon arriving, I immediately headed to the hotel as the weather was extremely chilly, and I was exhausted from the long plane ride. I recommend staying at Hotel Manor Victoria because the hotel was very close to Old Québec and  Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. 




I mostly explored Old Québec my second day. The temperature dropped below 0 degrees, and it was snowing like crazy! The snow made the city especially beautiful, and it was nice to experience because I can’t ever see snow in Los Angeles.







In the city, I came across some maple candy, and was definitely down to try it. Maple Syrup was poured unto a block of snow, and as it froze the syrup was wrapped around a wooden stick. It was actually really good! (but a little too sweet for me hehe)



After thoroughly exploring Old Québec I then headed over to Fairmont Le Châeau Frontenac. This hotel is the most photographed hotel in the world and is also famously known as the shooting location for the kdrama The Goblin. Upon seeing the hotel, I was blown away and amazed at how grand and beautiful it was. The ornate detail and castle-like appearance definitely supplanted the hotel’s reputation.




Another way to see the hotel is on the ferry. The boat gently floats across the frozen water showing you a full view of the hotel in the distance. If you do get a chance to ride the ferry, bundle up! The weather seemed so much colder on the boat because of the wind.


Another great place to visit is Montmorrency Falls. The falls are especially beautiful during the winter as ice crystals form from some of the water that froze. Unfortunately, I could’t go as near to the falls as I would have liked because the stairs were blocked from entry due to the excessive snow from the prior night.



All in all I had such a grand time in Québec, and I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as well! I’m so glad to be back in LA where the weather has been warm and sunny. Stay tuned for a spring outfit blog post coming soon!

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